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Welcome to Meru Foundation's Meeting Tent

Meru Foundation Information for the Media

Stan Tenen, scientist, philosopher, and teacher is available for radio, TV, and print interviews.

Tenen's work addresses a wide range of provocative issues in the history of science, including its relationship with religion, spirituality, and the science of consciousness. His far-reaching vision challenges the paradigms of both science and theology, showing that the revelations of mathematics and Biblical text may model the same Reality. His work replaces the zero-sum games of endless competition with the more inclusive win-win perspective of the golden rule. Stan's work broadens the concept of language and demonstrates the connection between the language of letters, the language of numbers and the Ground of Being.

Stan Tenen's unique presentations have been heard on national radio and television appearances from KQED-TV's "Prisoner Rap Sessions" in the late 1970's, to his many appearances on both Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove's "Thinking Allowed" in the 1990's, and on "Coast to Coast AM" with Art Bell and George Noory.

Tenen's ability to consolidate, articulate and clarify complex ideas while inspiring his audience to think "outside the box" is more than entertaining: His recovery of ancient perspectives, synthesized with humor and the latest in mathematical theory serves to bridge the gaps between differing viewpoints, and offers unexpected solutions and opportunities for discourse between apparently irreconcilable world views. Ultimately, such thinking may offer a key to addressing the conflicts now playing out across the globe. Your audience will want to record this one.

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